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- Joan S.

I love how Alisa clearly explains every design concept without using jargons. She uses actual decorating formulas for any surface or space that are so easy to learn! These courses are great and not intimidating at all for beginners like me! 

- Review for the Course:

Interior Decorating: An A-Z System For Your Home 


-Samantha K.

Of all the courses I have purchased online (which have been 23) and not to mention I have also done my Masters in Interior Design, Alisa's course on Color was the most valuable, easy to follow, and most practical that I have ever learned from. It taught me so much about color and how to use it, I apply it to all of my designs. Ever since I purchased Membership 1, I get so excited when a new course is posted, and can't wait for her One-on-One Coaching!

-Review for the Course:

Interior Design: How to Choose Color For Any Space

-Vaideki S.

I truly love the way she explains each space and how a color or neutral can compliment it. Before attending the class, even if there was something wrong in an interior, my eyes would detect it, but couldn't really figure out why! This course really helped me differentiate clean and dirty colors, undertones in neutrals and how to find where we go wrong and how to actually CHOOSE the correct color/neutral for any space, especially for my own home!
Review for the Course:
Interior Design: How To Choose Color For Any Space




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