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1. How Would I Introduce Myself in One Sentence?

I own and run the The Online Color and Decorating Academy and my own Color and Design Business in beautiful Colorado!  



2. How Did I Start Out?


It all started when I was born in a small town in 1989...

I'm kidding. 

Actually I really did, but my true beginnings as a Paint Color and Decor Specialist started out as a Home Stager. I quickly found a love and a knack for Color (Paint Colors and Color Schemes for Decor) and Decorating and it evolved quickly. I worked with a Design Agency in Park City, Utah until I finally decided I wanted to venture out and start my own gig. 


3. Why Do I Do What I Do?

I truly loved the creative work and wanted to do it on my terms. I started The Online Color and Decorating School so that I could bring my creativity and expertise to anyone and everyone that might be sitting there stumped and a little stressed out about painting their home, or decorating a space. 


4. How Can I Help You, the Person Reading This?

If you are a home owner, you rent, or you just want to learn how to use color and decorate with easy processes, and simple formulas, THAT is what I'm here for.  To make that creative process FUN for YOU. 


So Let's Get For Real Here.


5. Why Should You Trust Me With Your Time or Dollars?

I know a lot about Color. I even created my own System around it, with personal experience on the job. I worked underneath mentors, skilled professionals, and top designers in the industry and studied and learned (and continue to do so) to decorate, arrange, and style.  I've done this for years and have created my own formulas, processes and systems around every room in the home. And one thing I know even more about is how to get you to learn all of this, in simple and pretty exciting ways, so that you have more time to actually get up and start creating a home you love!


6. So, What's Next For You?

Let's chat about your Design Goals.  If you’re interested in a specific membership package or service, check out my "Work with me" Page, or  drop me an enquiry via my contact page.



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You Know You Want to Learn How to Decorate and Color your Home with Paint and Everything in Between, but You Don't Quite Know Where to Start or Everything Feels Just a Bit Overwhelming. 

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