Farmhouse Kitchen: These Absolutely Charming White Paint Colors Are...The Only 3 You'll Need

benjamin moore kitchen paint colors white kitchen white paint colors
Rustic tables, warm quilts and white-washed walls. The Farmhouse look has completely returned and I sense it is because us folks want a taste of simplicity and coziness. Our homes should be a haven that we can return to after a long day in a busy, loud and mentally demanding world.
Just like today, the kitchen was the focal point of the home and was usually white, as this was the most cost effective. White kitchens are fresh, trending and timeless. White isn’t going out of style anytime soon, so know that you can keep this color for years to come.
Hows about we splash some soothing Farmhouse colors onto those kitchen walls and look forward to experiencing some Early Rural American nostalgia.
Farmhouse Kitchen: These Absolutely Charming White Paint Colors Are...The Only 3 You'll Need
The most important thing to consider before starting, is all of the existing hard finishes and the furnished elements in your kitchen. Hard finishes will be counter tops, back splash, flooring and any stone you may have. Furnished elements will be your furnishings such as; Your farmhouse table, chairs, drapery, etc.
You will base your neutral upon these elements as every element in the space needs to relate somehow.
If you are in the process of building, pick your hard finishes out first and then base the paint color off of those elements. This makes it easy.
The Early Farmhouse look was a very practical style. The kitchen was usually white as there were limited color choices and early farmhouse owners couldn’t afford the expensive colored finishes.
There are so many whites in so many paint decks that I knew I needed to break it down. If you are going to paint your kitchen white, use any of these three shades. They are tried and tested by yours truly and have been broken down by undertone. Pure, warm, and cool. No other whites needed.
White # 1:
Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65
This is the most utilized paint color in my paint tool kit. This is a true, pure white with zero undertones. It goes beautifully with creamy or bright white subway tiles and wholeheartedly blends with Carraba Marble counter tops.
This is the purest form of Farmhouse white in my opinion, as no sneaky undertones will pop out when it's administered to walls or cabinets. Use this white to compare to all other whites. Watch how the undertones of other white shades reveal themselves when put next to this color in a fan deck.
IMPORTANT! : If you are working with counter tops or a back splash that doesn't have any white in them or won't relate to a bright white don't use this color. It will be too stark and will not blend well.
Sweet Tip: 
Chantilly Lace also doubles as a flawless trim color throughout your home. Especially bathrooms with bright white hard finishes.

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White # 2:
Benjamin Moore White Down CC-50
White Down is a white with a yellow undertone. This creamy paint color blends best with colors that have warm undertones. (Yellow, orange, red) It also plays well with dark grays as seen in the photo above.
Do you notice how they pulled the creamy tones from the counter tops and used that as the cabinet color? Perfectly executed.
Sweet Tip:
White Down mingles nicely with gold and copper. Copper will bring out the warm undertones in this paint color and will give the space a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation.
Copper lanterns and kettles were a popular element in early Farmhouse kitchens, so incorporating this metal is Farmhouse ideal.
White # 3:
Benjamin Moore Decorators White C-20
Decorators White is a white with a blue undertone. This is certainly a cool white and if your existing hard finishes have any blues or greens in them, this is your color. This paint color will invoke a feeling of serenity, quiet and calmness to your Farmhouse kitchen. Sign me up!
Sweet Tip:
If you use Decorators White on the walls of your kitchen, I suggest Chantilly Lace for a trim and cabinet color to give your space a little contrast. Do you notice the bright white on the trim and cabinets in the photo above?
Folks, I must throw in a color here. I'm crushing on this navy blue big time and if you can incorporate it into your lower or upper cabinets, DO IT. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC 154. 
SO classy.
For a more detailed explanation to choosing paint colors read my earlier blog post: The Easiest Way to Pick out Paint Colors For Your Home.
Once you’ve found the white you think will work in your kitchen, paint it on a poster board and along with white boards behind it. Hold it next to the flooring, behind your drapery or beside your counter tops and back splash to make sure it’s the right one. This will save you from choosing the wrong paint color and ensure that you love the hue before painting your whole kitchen in it.
Extra Farmhouse Tips:
1. If your kitchen has wood flooring, know that ANY color will match with it. Wood flooring is like a pair of blue jeans. They go with anything. Same goes with butcher block counter tops.
2. Applying ship lap or tongue and groove siding onto your kitchen walls and painting them white will certainly give you the most coveted Farmhouse look. These wood elements were actually on the exterior of the Farmhouse back in the day but today we have brought them inside. I think its charming.
3. Craving a little color? Some perfect hues for that are apple green, coral, navy blue, and bright yellow. These colors will bring that white paint to life.
Try These Color Tips: 
  • Display some rainbow glass onto your open shelving. 
  • Add some herbs and greenery to your counter tops and window sills. 
  • Bring the outside in with some wildflowers and use them as a centerpiece for your Farmhouse table. 
  • Go to a flea market and mix and match tea and coffee cups. Display these beauties on open shelving or hang them from hooks in your glass hutch. You'll smile at the splash of color each time you pass them by.  
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Happy Painting!