How to Pick the Best Yellow For Your Home

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Bright colors are making their comeback. Yellow is one of them. 
Yellow reminds me of spring, summer and new beginnings. Sunflowers, sunshine and bumblebees. Are you with me?
Yellow can be warm, cheery, whatever you'd like it to be. Just follow these few major guidelines and you will have a color that will make you smile every time you walk into the room.
 How to Pick the Best Yellow For Your Home 
Yellow Goes on 2x Brighter When Applied to the Wall. Wow!
Remember this when you are scanning through paint chips. You’ll be drawn to a certain yellow and think it’s perfection, but imagine it two times brighter and that will be your rule of thumb.
An example would be; You chose this color... a seemingly toned down hue.
BUT this is what this color actually looks like when painted on the wall...
This is just a note to all my readers! : Be very careful when choosing a yellow or it may go on the wall as a bright neon.
Go With a Toned Down or Warmer Version of Yellow
This may not seem as exciting, but I promise you will be pleased when it is applied to the walls!
Choose yellows that are almost beige. That way, they will have the allowance to get a couple of tones brighter.
Here is a great yellow that has a very big beige influence.
Benjamin Moore Philadelphia Cream HC-30
Pro Tip: Set the paint chip alongside any fabrics or finishes you have in the room.
Try and have a yellow to base the wall color on (perhaps in a fabric or finish in the room.) If it sits well with the other yellows or the other colors you have in the room, you can give it a test by painting a piece of cardstock or posterboard with a can of sample paint and hold it around the room. (Hold it next to fixed elements, furnishings, etc. to make sure it goes well with everything in the room.)
A Little Yellow Goes a Long Way
Yellow is bold and is the first color our eye is drawn to in a room. If you are hesitant to paint an entire room, use it more conservatively in these fun, creative ways:
(1) Wallpaper:
(2) Paint the back of bookcases
(3) Paint the Table or Chairs
My Yellow Paint Color Recommendations For Main Areas:
For Kitchens:
 This beauty is Benjamin Moore Mushroom Cap 177


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Dining Room
Yellow is a stimulating color for conversation. A perfect shade for a Dining Room.
You can go with a more bold yellow in this room. Just make sure that even this bold choice is toned down.
Try Benjamin Moore Stuart Gold HC 10
 Look how much brighter it is on the walls!
A soft, but cheery yellow is Benjamin Moore Tea Light SW 7681
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 Happy Painting!