You've already picked paint colors, now you want your home to be accessorized to its full potential. You may already have decor through these rooms or you may be starting new. Either way, we want to help! This is the consultation  you want if you're looking to ge that magazine grade look. The first step is getting the correct paint color, the next is to nail your decor. That way your home can live up to it's full potential. Choose from two great choices below and remember you can always add more rooms if needed!

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Decor Redesign
Decor Redesign E-Consultation


LEt's start fresh Decor
Let's Start Fresh Decor E-Consultation

Have three rooms in your home re-decorated with what you already own.

You already have your decor and accessories, but you just need some help putting things together and placing them correctly. Maybe you just need some validation that you've bought the correct pieces and colors for your home. Or you may be thinking,

Can I really re-use this decor I've had for awhile in a new way?

The answer to that is YES.

With this E-Consultation you can pick any three rooms in your home and we will send you a detailed decorating plan for each of them. In some cases, we also offer a shopping list with suggested items you may want/need to accentuate the rooms even more. The best thing is, we can work with any budget. You may end up already having everything you need but we will be happy to give extra suggestions even if you don't want to get those items right away.

Start anew and accessorize any three rooms in your home. 

Out with the old and in with the new. Or maybe you just got a new home and you can't wait to get started decorating. We will work with your current wall colors (undertones in paint are very important when working with decor) See my blog post about undertones. 

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What is the Decor E-Consultation? How does it work?



How do we do this online?

Have them take pictures of current spaces w/ current decor (If they have it)

Will include list of shopping items and where to get them, 

Send them a slideshow of how to accesorize with these new and existing items in.... a picture? A video? A sketch?

A mood board? Need ideas.