Finding patterns and colors in fabrics is fun and pretty easy because you are picking out what you're attracted to. It's putting them together is the hard part. Mixing drape patterns with bedding patterns and now you have to think about the rug as well as throw pillows. Also...How do you arrange those throw pillows with the correct texture and arrangement? What colors and patterns mix well and how do you position those drapes in a way that is correct? These very questions are why I created this very E-Consultation. You won't believe how simple it really is. Yuo can choose from two options below and remember you can always add bonus rooms if needed!



Fabric Mini- Bundle E-Consultation

Find patterns and colors for any three rooms in your home.

How many rooms/items?I give sizess, how to hang, how to dress the bed, how to put pillows together, where to buy keeping your budget in mind. 

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Fabric Full-Bundle E-Consultation

Find Patterns and Colors for any five rooms in your home.
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How does the Fabric Selection E-Consultation work?

Explain you have them send you pictures/video of rooms that need help with fabric selctions.  ( these will include bedding, window tx's, pillows, rugs, etc)

Send them a questionnaire, 

How long will it take to get design back to client?


Send picutes or a video for guidance.