Having the correct furniture arrangement in any room is essential for optimal square footage, function and comfort. Whether you already have all of the furniture you need or you are starting new, we are here to make sure that you get the best color coordination, the proper placement and most importantly, keeping it all budget friendly. The Furniture E-Consultation is simple, informative and you can choose from two options below. Remember you can always add more rooms if needed!

Furniture Placement

Furniture Placement Mini-Bundle E-Consultation

Receive your home's best furniture placement for any three rooms in your home.
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Furniture Placement Full-Bundle E-Consultation

Receive your home's most complimentary furniture scheme for any five rooms.

Furniture Placement
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How does a Furniture Placement E-Consultation Work?

Explain to give list of new items to buy, with olors included and where to buy keeping their budget in mind. 

I will explain why I chose the colors, finishes, etc. 

I will send over a sketch of new layout( a couple) with existing or new furniture. 

Have them send pictures of current roos with furniture.

Do you want to add anything or work with the furniture you have?

what is your budget?

How long does it take to get my design back?