Online Exterior Consultations are $100 OFF

and my Per Room Prices are $25 OFF per room!

Do you have Paint Color Questions?

I have answers.... Good ones.

How do I choose Color?

I use a unique system using paint color undertones and color matching techniques to ensure that every existing element (Hard finishes, furniture, textiles, etc.)  in your space will match perfectly with your new paint colors.

By diagnosing what color undertones ( the color underneath a neutral or color) are already in your space, I am able to then pick the perfect paint color that will work best with EVERYTHING in your space. I don't JUST choose the most popular, modern colors but first and foremost choose colors that will work best in YOUR home. 

For In Person Consultations, I have my own large Painted Color Boards that I've compiled and painted with every neutral and color you'd ever need. I use these in each and every consultation I've ever done and once you see how important they are to the process of choosing colors you'll wonder why you've never seen it done this way before!  


Bonus: With these Painted Color Boards you will immediately know what the color will look like on your walls, avoiding running to the paint store several times for numerous paint samples. Talk about stress relief!


Our Paint E-Consultations are super-packed with information that you've probably never heard of before and will offer you a flawless color scheme every time.

This simple online process gives you your ideal Paint Color Solution whether it is for a

Single room, your Whole Home, and even the Exterior. 

You can choose from the options below and each will be tailored to the exact needs of your space.


Choose from these below...


How does an Online Color Consultation work?

We simply turn an In-Person Paint Consultation into one that is done right over your computer, giving you your tailored Paint Color Solution, via email.

  • First and foremost, once you have purchased an Interior or Exterior E-Consultation, send me over a message at alisa@theonlinecolorconsultant or on the online chat on the bottom of your screen that you have done so, and we will then send you a detailed questionnaire to familiarize ourselves with your home. We will ask you to tell us about your home, your style and preferences. We will also ask you to provide any ideas you may have and send any photos that may inspire you. (Eg. Pinterest, Google, etc.)

  • We will then have you share some photos of your space. You’ll receive instructions on how to do so and anything else we may need. 

  • We will then assess all of your information and come up with a plan that will work beautifully for your home.

  • Now for the exciting part. You will receive your Design Solution in about 3-5 working days once we have received back the questionnaire. We will send you a thorough and valuable slideshow of photos, product and brand info, and detailed reasons why we made the choices we did for your home. By providing you with the perfect color scheme, you will find that everything else in your home will sing alongside your new paint choices. We will include everything you need to make sure you are fully prepared for the task ahead, as the process of painting can be stressful.

  • Rest assured, because the quality and results you will get from this Paint E-Consultation are incomparable. We want you to feel completely confident with the why and how of your project and any future ones as well. (Note that with these consultations we are in no way GUESSING. There are times when two color schemes will actually work with your home and we will provide you with both. We almost always just give one color scheme simply because we have narrowed all of the pieces involved into one ideal course of action.)


How can we do this online?
  • We can easily do this by receiving your photos from various angles of each room that we are focusing on. I will guide you through ways to get the lighting and other important factors correct, how to take photos of your space so that I am able to diagnose ALL undertones in the space and this way your photos will show  me exactly what we're working with!
  • We will send you instructions on how to do all of this correctly. In rare cases, if we are unable to make this happen due to any photography issues or other possible factors, we will let you know before we begin the process and a refund will be issued immediately.