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How do I choose Color?

I use a unique system using paint color undertones and color matching techniques to ensure that every existing element (Hard finishes, furniture, textiles, etc.)  in your space will match perfectly with your new paint colors.

By diagnosing what color undertones ( the color underneath a neutral or color) are already in your space, I am able to then pick the perfect paint color that will work best with EVERYTHING in your space. I don't JUST choose the most popular, modern colors but first and foremost choose colors that will work best in YOUR home. 

Our Paint E-Consultations are super-packed with information that you've probably never heard of before and will offer you a flawless color scheme every time.

This simple online process gives you your ideal Paint Color Solution whether it is for a

Single room, your Whole Home, and even the Exterior. 


You can choose from the options below and each will be tailored to the exact needs of your space.

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Choose as Many Rooms as You Need! $100 per Room

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Need the perfect color, but only for one room? No problem! Just add one to the cart. ($125 per room)

Do you have SEVERAL rooms you need paint color help with? Add as many to the cart as you need.

This will include Wall Color, Trim, and Ceiling color.

If you have an open concept room (living area and kitchen, etc.) they will all be considered seperate rooms as all fixed elements need to be considered for each.

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