Add in a video,add in options to buy, when they click buy where does it send them? Add in why to buy and explanation of e-consultations, 

You may have great instincts when it comes to selecting paint colors, but wouldn’t it be great if you could have some concrete understanding to back up those instincts? What if you could learn to “see” color more accurately and have a greater grasp of why colors do what they do?


What if you could narrow down the thousands of paint color options available to a handful of choices? What if from that handful of choices you could choose the perfect color scheme that could turn your space into a masterpiece?

I am here to HELP you do just that.

                                 What is an E-Consultation?

An E-Consultation, in simple terms, is just a Consultation over your computer. This will mostly be done through email with a bonus Skype or FaceTime session at the end to answer any other questions you may have. 

Need help with paint colors, accessories and furniture placement?

We've made it easy to do so with our E-Consultations done easily through email!

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