Tips for Outstanding MLS Photos

Photos sell homes. 90% of home buyers search online before considering buying a home. This is why it is imperative to have great photos to showcase the beautiful attributes of the home. It's the first step on the pathway to getting people to look at the house in the first place and you know as well as I do, we want to get that home sold!

Capture Curb Appeal

Starting out, be sure to get an exterior shot of the house.

I've found that getting the photo of the home straight on instead of at an angle looks much better. You are able to highlight the expanse of the driveway, the porch, as well as the landscaping while not letting shrubbery or shadows get in the way. In saying this, there are exceptions.

(If a home has a wrap around porch, some great windows on either side of the home, or an eye-catching side yard.)

An angled shot of any of these features will be a great addition to your collection of photos.

Using wide angled lenses, as well as a tripod to take photos will enhance the overall appearance, while keeping that "tilt" out of the photo once it is uploaded.

(Note: A slight overcast can cut down on glare on windows and other shiny surfaces. If the skies aren't in your favor try taking them shortly after dawn or mid-morning.)


Of course, having each room in the house de-cluttered, having correct furniture placement and expanding the square footage correctly you can focus on getting great photos. This way the property can POP!

Home Staging is always beneficial.

Most important is getting the angle correct. You get a better view of any type of beautiful woodwork, the flow of the space and the architectural elements. It will also help the buyer to define the space.

Sometimes an office space in a home can look like a different room simply because of the angle of the photo.

Lastly, and once again, enhance that square footage! You want the space to look as roomy as possible without being deceptive.

Focus on rooms that people spend the most time in. For most, kitchens and living areas are usually these spaces. These rooms should look warm and inviting, being spaces for entertainment and for spending quality time.

The kitchen seen above is a perfect example of a well taken photo. It features everything a buyer is looking for: Natural lighting, square footage, and architectural impact.

When taking photos inside, capture every room using as much natural lighting as possible. Flash is always a back up option, but natural light is best.

The best option for any room, is to take the photo from the door or entrance. This is so it can give you the most expansive view of the space.

Using Photoshop or other types of editing software are great as long as the photos aren't too misleading so that clients aren't disappointed when they show up at the property.

Work with brightness and contrasts on your editing software, which are simple ways of enhancing a space.

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