8 Trending Ways to Create a Beautiful Kitchen

I think we can all agree that the kitchen is where the heart of the home is. It's where we gather, we bake, we share cups of coffee, and it's a space that we can create lasting memories. Having a beautiful kitchen that we truly love keeps us coming back for more of those moments.

Have you ever walked into a room that is perfectly color balanced, decorated in the most lovely way and it inspires you to want the same for yourself?

Well here are 8 trending ideas to do just that and re-inspire your space without sacrificing a large amount of time or money.

8 Trending Ways to Create a Beautiful Kitchen

1. Paint One Element

Painting the pantry door is my favorite thing to add into a plain kitchen. It's quite unexpected and is always a crowd-pleaser.

Also, try picking one of these elements to paint:

  • The range above your stove.

  • The kitchen island

  • Upper cabinets

  • Lower cabinets

  • A unique desk area

  • The inside of cabinets. (Fun to look at when you're putting dishes away) Photo Source via Bloglovin'

Here is a beautiful example:

Via Carla Aston

Try using milk paint, as there is NO SANDING OR PRIMING required. Check out realmilkpaint.com for environmentally safe product and plenty of color choices.

I fell in love with these ideas because it adds a certain element to a room that may have your guests saying... "I never would have thought of that..." BONUS!

2. Add in an Island(No Contractor Required)

If you don't have a kitchen island, save some buku bucks on these two fun and original ideas.

First off, how great is this bookshelf turned island idea? I think I might try this one myself...

Via littleglassjar

Or what about this island that was once a dresser?

I love projects that turn old into new....

3. Treat your Windows

Yes, treat those windows with something new and your whole kitchen with thank you. While full-length drapes or curtains are somewhat impractical for kitchens, try some cafe curtains or roman shades with fun patterns and colors to get the same effect.

This kitchen is painted a clean white and has added in a beautiful Roman Shade with a fun geometric pattern. This addition is instantly gratifying.

Whatever colors you choose for your curtains or shades, duplicate them lower in the room.

(Examples would be; accessories on the counter, artwork, cushions or pillows on a window seat, and any rugs that you may have) to balance and avoid a top-heavy colored room. The goal is to keep that color flowing from top to bottom!

Bonus tip: Black is a great contrast if you have a clean white painted kitchen.

4. Open Shelving

The concept of open shelving is not only a beautiful addition to any kitchen, it is also very functional. It's a great way to flaunt, say, those milk glass dishes you've had stowed away and gives you easier access to stored items. Just be careful what you put on them as they will be on display for everyone to see. Keep it simple and organized.

You don't have replace your cabinets with these shelves, just add them onto a bare wall or above your kitchen table.

The best thing about it is they are very easy to install.

Another reason to add these shelves into the mix is that you are going to achieve that much envied farmhouse look by Joanna Gaines! (From everyone's favorite design show, Fixer Upper, and who doesn't want that?) I know it's cancelled, and I'm still grieving...

5. Get Artsy

This is a pretty obvious step but how you add it in is the trick.

For example, when adding artwork above something, measure up three to four inches above its anchor piece and fill out three fourths of the width of the anchor piece.

This method is most pleasing to the eye and will make the space feel perfectly balanced. An anchor piece is whatever is directly underneath your artwork. (E.g. Shelves, buffet table, etc.)

Find art that inspires you, makes you smile and adds some color into the room.

If you have a certain blue or yellow you love in a rug in your kitchen, duplicate those colors into your artwork. Artwork is about expressing your personality and helps to make a room your very own. Have fun with it!

6. Try on a New Backsplash for Size

Don't scroll past this one! It's not as hard as you think...Check out this great tutorial at diynetwork.com for the easiest DIY installation ever.

Also, check out the trusty ol' Houzz and Amazon.com to score some great deals.

Changing that beige or neutral colored backsplash to a white subway tile (currently trending) will work wonders when updating any space.

OR if you want to add some color, try a fun pattern, such as a lovely Moroccan inspired tile or an eye-catching geometric design. Any of these options will immediately wake up a tired kitchen.

Just be careful to not mix a busy back splash with a busy counter or tile flooring.

(See Photo Below)

If you want pattern, use it only once, as several patterns in one room are just plain confusing.

7. Light it Up

I love the change a single pendant light (or two) can bring. There are so many to choose from for whatever style you are after. Check out lightingdirect.com for stylish yet affordable lighting options.

Note this: For best lighting results in your kitchen, add your ambient lighting overhead in a pendant light.

(Incandescent and Edison bulbs offer a warm, glowing light)

then add lower task lighting (Halogen bulbs are great for this as they produce a bright light similar to daylight) to illuminate the counter space where you work. If possible, the sink is also a good spot to add task lighting.

When installing pendant lights, try to hang them 32" from counter top to bottom of pendant. Little details like this always help to make a room more functional.

If you are feeling crafty, check out this DIY Industrial Pendant for under $10!

8. Hardware

If you're not able to paint your kitchen cabinets quite yet, just open up your tool-box, (ladies I know you have one) grab a screwdriver, and replace some hardware. It is a pretty simple task that will easily update those cupboard surfaces.

If you have oak cabinets, which a lot of us still do, copper hardware is a beautiful way to go. Copper will surely complement them because of its earthy, rich metal finish.

Copper also tends to have the same warm undertones as oak and will easily blend into your kitchen cabinetry. Also try some antique brass knobs or pulls, (As seen in photo) as they are also a handsome way to harmonize with any oak cabinet.

Julie Blanner rocks the antique brass in the oak filled kitchen. ( As seen in photo) Be sure to check her out, she is amazing!

Place knobs or pulls where they are easiest to reach such as a bottom corner on wall cabinets or top corner for base cabinets and remember that a drawer longer than two feet may need two knobs or pulls.

If you are still looking for help in your kitchen, (or any other room) and need that perfect paint color palette, contact me for a Paint E-Consultation. It includes your perfect paint color scheme, accent colors for decor and furniture, and much more!

You can click here to check out our Paint E-Consultations and get started today!

Happy Painting!

Yours truly,


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