8 Lovely Home Decor Ideas On a Dime

Designer brands mean little to me. I just want cozy, lovely, and pretty. I want to walk through my front door and smile at how inviting the room seems and at the fact that my home's interior didn't cost a mint. You can always achieve a designer home's look for WAY less than you'd think and I'm all about that.

When I am doing a Decor Consultation for a home, I always get a feel from my client as to whether they want brand name furnishings or if they'd like to trim the costs whenever possible.

This way I know when I should give suggestions for more affordable versions of items. It's my favorite thing when they request this because I get to pull out my bag o' tricks. In this bag I love to pull out suggestions for easy DIY versions of expensive elements too and I've included a few of them into the list that I'm about to share.

If you are looking to try your hand at some sophisticated and affordable decor ideas certainly read on, because these are some of my absolute favorites. Enjoy!

8 Lovely Home Decor Ideas On a Dime

1. Drop Cloth Curtains

I'm going to try this stat...

Use Drop Cloths as curtains for a gorgeous way to heighten the room, or use one as a Farmhouse table cloth.

Harbor Freight is the perfect place to snag one of these on the cheap.

Idea inspired by Annie Schlecter.

2. Free Artwork

Print off free printables on Pinterest or Google and frame them. Switch printables out for holidays, different seasons and special occasions to get a quick decor update. Get the printable shown here from Dawn Nicole.

And Looky here at Happily Ever After for 25 cute and free printables.

You can also take the prettiest pictures from an old calendar and frame them. Get a fantastic tutorial here at The Creativity Exchange.

3. Peel and Stick-on Shiplap

We all love the look of Farmhouse-inspired planked walls. This is a fun and seamless way to get just that. Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial by Sarah Lemp.

4. Make your own Magnolia Wreath

Those Fixer-Upper Magnolia wreaths are my fave. Try this one on your front door, above the fireplace, or place it in the middle of a mirror on hook.

Check out Jolly and Happy to get the full tutorial.

5. Switch Your Shades

See a fabulous lamp base at a thrift store, yard sale or in your own home, but the lamp shade is outdated or just blech?

Just replace the shade with an inexpensive one from Walmart like this one for $13.23 or this one for $17.73 on Amazon.

Photo Source

6. Chair Railing

Chair railing was actually used as a bumper for chair backs in the past but now they are used as more of a design element.

This easy stick-on molding is A. Maz. Ing. AND extremely easy to apply.

Find it here.

Photo Source

7. Flowers from the Dolla' Store

Grab a big handful of these flowers from the Dollar General as well as a few clear/white vases. Scatter these beauties throughout your home for an attractive dose of color.

Also try changing out the flowers for different seasons and holidays to use as an inexpensive shelf or end-table decor element.

8. Create a Succulent Shelf

Hang two or three "Succulent Shelves" on an empty wall or try hanging some alluring Indoor Plants in corners of the room to get a spoonful of the outdoors.

Photo Source

Well there you have it. Do you have any chic decor suggestions you'd like share? Comment below and share the wealth!

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Happy Decorating!

Yours truly,


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