Autumn Inspiration: The 12 Days of Fall, Day 1

Isn’t fall delicious? That may be a little bit of an excessive word, but all my fellow fall lovers know what I mean right?

What other time of year do you get to move from the hot hot heat to a crisp chill in the air? Don't get me wrong, I love summer but there is just a little something special about cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything and those cute little boots all of us ladies are wearing. I can just hear the audible "ahhhhh."

So basically, I’m going to highlight something you can do everyday to get yourself into the fall spirit for 12 days and this is purely for fun. Here in Colorado, we aren't too sure when fall will arrive because it's still pretty much summer outside.

Although, I'm impatient and have decided that fall has begun as of now. :)

In my humble opinion, to get this fall season rolling, you've got to start with a drink in your hand. Whether that be some yummy spiced cider or some yummy spiked cider, it's totally up to you.

One really fun way to do this is to make an Autumn Beverage Bar. I did this last year and am beginning the preparations for this year as well and you can make it however detailed or simple as you'd like it to be.

If you haven’t done this before, it is super fun. Just pick a place in your home (typically the dining area or the kitchen) and just start assembling a place where you can concoct a yummy, satisfying fall beverage.

Here are some images to get you inspired…

Click here to view this Beverage Bar!

I love this smaller take on a Beverage Bar. Sweet and simple!

Click here to view this Beverage Bar!

Click here to view this Beverage Bar!

Just make it your own. Grab a cabinet, shelf or even a small dresser and start dressing it up. It's so fun to create your own unique design.

Here are a few tried and true recipes to get you inspired even more . (By tried and true I mean I have personally tried each one of these and with one sip, you'll be right in the middle of fall.)

Click here to get this recipe going!

Click here to try out this super yum recipe!

Click here to try this refreshing Autumn Harvest Punch recipe!

These wonderful people that made up these recipes….they seriously know what they are doing!

Once you have this set up, just simply sit down and sip on. Or even start pulling out those boxes and tubs on the lofty shelves of the garage and get to decorating!

Stay tuned for this fun fall series, the 12 days of fall. Why 12 you ask? 12 just seemed right….



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