Autumn Inspiration: 12 Days of Fall, Day 4

Every season and every holiday seems to have it's own defining scent to it. Have you noticed? I will smell a certain spice and immediately think of Thanksgiving or I'll catch a scent of pine and of course, Christmas pops right into my head. Fall has its own unique scent and I'm sure the different ones are pretty similar for us all. Pumpkin, apple pie, or candied pecans. Hmm. Now I'm hungry.

I wanted to inspire you today and introduce you to my favorite Autumn scents. I like to be on the lookout when I'm out shopping for good "smells" for each season of the year. These three are the ones that I narrowed down to be the best of what I've found so far.

The first and the "Most Delish" scent is from Hobby Lobby. This one is Pumpkin Pie and I'm not kidding when I say that it smells EXACTLY like a fresh baked Pumpkin Pie. You can smell every detail from the spices in a pumpkin pie, down to the crust. So yummy and so easy to trick your guests into thinking you are an amazing baker!

The next "Most Delish" scent is Apple Pumpkin and I got this gem at Walmart. The mixture of the apple and pumpkin is so perfect and has a slight apple cider bite to it. You will have to smell it for yourself but you'll be in bliss when you do!

The last and certainly not the least "Most Delish" scent is Apple Pie. I got this yummy little thing at Walmart and it is truly delicious. My Grandpa makes the most amazing Applesauce (yes applesauce) Pie and this particular scent takes me back to Grandma and Grandpa's house in an instant.

It's an odd sort of thing how powerful scent can be. How it can be such a strong trigger of memories and bring a sense of nostalgia. I think that is what is most exciting about the holiday season. The fond memories of our childhood and how it made us feel. We just want a little slice of that back!

If this has coaxed you into the fall spirit and you would like to suggest what I should be putting into my warmer next please post below!



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